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Solving 7 marketing project management challenges

Published by: Adobe Workfront

There are some stressors all marketers accept as 'part of the job': starting projects with imperfect or incomplete information, bargaining with co-workers for access to specific team members, sailing past deadlines, late-night scrambling to finalize files and get them out the door, and more. According to a recent survey of marketers across the globe, 9 out of 10 report frustrations that keep them from completing their highestvalue work. In fact, marketers spend 81 percent of their workday juggling activities like meetings, administrative work, email, hunting down files, and triaging work requests. That doesn't leave much time for getting the highest-value work done. And the common solutions—working nights and weekends to catch up, mandatory status meetings, unruly resourcing spreadsheets, and more—are nothing more than band-aids.
We put up with these frustrations because we believe they're part of the rite of passage to make it in the marketing world. But these challenges don't have to define your day-to-day. To find the best way to skillfully manage heavy and complicated workloads, you need to understand the true sources of the frustrations marketers face on a regular basis. Read on to learn seven of the most common challenges and what you can do to fix them.

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