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The Zero-Party Data Playbook 2022

We are in the midst of a great flux for marketers. Google and other behemoth browsers have finally cemented plans to comprehensively curtail third-party cookie tracking within the next couple of years, Apple is offering customers the ability to easily opt out of being tracked by advertisers, and the spotlight on these sorts of surreptitious practices has led to a huge rise in consumers getting proactive about protecting their privacy and data online.
For marketers that have relied on third-party data sets and cookie tracking to power their customer engagement initiatives, this time of digital disruption is quite the headache. However, for those marketers committed to forging honest, more meaningful relationships the rewards are limitless.
It is possible for marketers to know what their customers intend to do or buy in the future by collecting data that is intentionally and proactively shared directly by the consumer. This is called zero-party data – marketers collect this data by connecting directly with consumers and asking them their wants and desires.
Download this playbook to find the solution to the death of the cookie, and see examples from leading brands who are implementing a fully-fledged zero-party data strategy to gather the opt-ins and preference insights to deliver hyper-personalized, high-converting campaigns.

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